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Pool and spa owners need to keep their water clean to avoid health and equipment maintenance problems.  Many pool and hot tub owners are not aware of the power of enzymes to keep their water fresher longer.

If you sell spas or pools, the easy maintenance will help enhance your reputation and good will. We offer a money back guarantee as we believe in our product and stand behind it 100%.

Take advantage of the opportunities available to become a Waters Choice dealer and become the product of choice for water maintenance in your area! Simply fill in the information form below and we will contact you. Be part of the revolution of more water enjoyment and less maintenance and problems. 

For years, as a spa dealer, we have been asked if we have an easy way to maintain a spa without the use of chemicals. After testing the Waters Choice ourselves for three months, we began introducing it to our clients. It has been a HUGE HIT! So far, over 90% of our clients that have been told about the benefits of using Waters Choice, have switched over and LOVE it. I think we have finally found the solution we have all been looking for. Way to go Waters Choice!
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