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Q: How does it work?
 A: We treat water differently than other methods you are used to. Chemicals are similar to chemotherapy in that they kill everything in the water including the good things. Our Pool and Spa Treatments are like giving the water vitamins. We build up the water to take care of its self and create an environment where things that are adverse to the water can’t survive. Giving you natural, healthy water the way nature intended it.

Q: Do I need to use a sanitizer in my spa?
 A: When first starting with Waters Choice, sanitizer is needed. As the system gets set up, this level can be reduced. Many of our customers tell us they use little to no sanitizer.

Q: Do I need to use other chemicals in my spa?
  A: You will need to keep the PH and Alkalinity in the normal ranges. Other than that a little sanitizer as needed.

Q: Do I need to use a sanitizer in my swimming pool?
 A: Yes, a small amount is required.

Q: Do I need to use other chemicals in my pool?
A: You will need to maintain the PH and alkalinity in the normal ranges. If you live in an area that has high phosphates you may need to add a phosphate remover.

Q: Can I use aromatherapy products with the Spa Treatment?
  A: Yes. We have Aromatherapy Salts that have been formulated to work with our Spa Treatment.

Q: Is it safe to backwash my pool filter onto my lawn? How often should I backwash?
  A: Yes, as long as your sanitizer level is below .5 ppm you can backwash directly onto the lawn. How often you back wash should not change much. Follow your manufacturer’s directions.

Q: What do I have to do to get started?
  A: For your spa, if your water is clear, let your sanitizer level drop below 1ppm and add the Spa Water Polish. If your water is cloudy drain and start with fresh water. For pool information regarding startup with pools, See our pools page.

Q: Do I need to clean my filters more?
  A: For the first couple of months you should clean your filters once a week and as time goes on that will stretch out to once a month. How long you will need to clean the filters more frequently will depend on how old your spa is and how much build up you have in the pipes.

Q: Can I test my water?
  A: Yes. We recommend that you test your PH and Alkalinity with standard test strips. You can also test for bacteria with our Bacteria Test Kits found on our pool and spa pages.

For more Questions and Answers see our blog.