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For pool owners, the oils and contamination are eliminated leaving clean and pure quality swimming water, which lowers the needs for sanitizers.  Waters Choice is pleased to provide an easy water maintenance solution for swimming pool owners that bathers will delight in.

Stop experimenting with chemical mixtures and dosing and rely on technology others have already found improves their lifestyle.  The cost of converting your pool to enzymes vs. chemicals is lower than you would think given the many advantages of natural water treatment. 

Waters Choice enzyme treatment for pools is available as a liquid in various sizes. See our pool enzyme treatment page for details or to order.

Chlorinators and Brominators that transform a pool into a salt water pool still require chlorine or bromine salts, and still generate the bromine or chlorine chemicals automatically. While this is significantly better than having to run to the store for chlorine or bromine, salt water pools still require chlorine or bromine. Waters Choice Pool Treatment can significantly reduce the amount of added sanitizer, extending the life of your generator.

An ozonator can help reduce the amount of sanitizer needed, but the additional chemicals are still needed even with an ozonator installed. 

With our enzyme water treatment, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate chemicals.  Additionally, your water will last much longer, allowing you more time to spend relaxing in your pool instead of worrying about maintaining the right levels of chemicals.

Pool equipment will also work better when water is maintained properly.  Waters Choice enzymes make water maintenance a breeze. Our enzymes are the alternative clear choice for natural water treatment. 

One dose of enzymes covers bacteria duty in a pool for much longer, meaning less maintenance for you. Pumps and pump seals will work more efficiently in balanced water and pump seals will not be prone to the same deterioration that can occur in unbalanced water. See our pool water care page for estimated product used annually depending on pool size and length of operation.

You will no longer need to worry about the effects of cloudy water problems with contamination and scale issues on equipment and bathers. Reap the benefits of natural pool water care with Waters Choice enzyme treatment.  Use the recommended dose depending on the size and on how many gallons of water your pool contains.

What Waters Choice Customers Are Saying:

"Waters Choice in my 30,000 gallon pool for over 4 months with fantastic results. We are using about 80% less chlorine and about 1/3 of the shock an are able to maintain the chlorine level at .5 parts per million. Most importantly the water is crystal clear and you can open your eyes in the pool without your eyes stinging. When done swimming it feels like I just took a shower and my skin does feels soft vs. dry. It's nearing the end of July 2011 and Dallas, TX has had over 20 days of over 100 degree temperatures. In fact from June 1 - mid July has been the 2nd warmest period as long as records have been kept with an AVERAGE temperature of 98.7 degrees. Our water temperature during the day get around 92-93 degrees. Despite these record high temperatures we have not had to adjust the usage of Waters Choice and we have had no algae or water balancing issues this summer."
Rick Rene, Plano, TX