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Get back to enjoying a relaxing hydro massage without worrying about all the different chemicals you used to have to add and which ones might adversely affect your family and friends.  Now your spa can be your own private hot springs again to enjoy without nagging water maintenance requirements or harsh chemicals. 

When first using Waters Choice, start with clean, clear water. Then simply add a dose of Waters Choice enzyme treatment and check the pH as per spa water treatment instructions.

Chlorinators and Brominators that transform a spa into a salt water hot tub, still require chlorine or bromine salts, and they still generate the bromine or chlorine chemicals automatically.  This is one step better than having to run to the store for chlorine or bromine, but they still require chlorine or bromine salts and are not chemical-free. 

An ozonator can help reduce the amount of sanitizer needed, but the chemicals are still needed even with an ozonator installed.

With enzyme water treatment, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate chemicals and your water will last much longer so your time can be spent relaxing in your enjoyable spa instead of worrying about recommended levels of chemicals to maintain. 

Reduce or eliminate problems like cloudy spa water, spa foaming, slime, odor, algae mold and more.  Clean spa water means better health for bathers.  No burning eyes from chemical smells, no rashes, skin irritations, discolored hair or other negative side effects.

Hot tubs work better when the water is properly maintained.

Waters Choice enzymes make water maintenance a breeze and are the new clear alternative choice for natural water treatment. Sanitizing the spa water several times a week is no longer needed as one dose of enzymes covers bacteria duty in a spa for much longer. 

Poor quality spa water can lead to a host of spa equipment issues including clogged filters, circulation pump problems, heater problems, destroyed pillows and more. Pumps and pump seals will work more efficiently in balanced water and pump seals will not be prone to the same deterioration that can occur in unbalanced water.

Never worry again about the chemical effects on your equipment, the  bathers. or contamination and scale issues. Reap the benefits of natural spa water care with Waters Choice enzyme treatment.

Use the recommended dose according to the size of your spa and how many gallons it contains.

We started using Waters Choice 5 months ago. WOW! We LOVE it! No more itchy dry skin, no more chemicals to mess with or to sit in, and the water is crystal clear and smells great. We spend less time on maintaining our spa, and more time using it. We have never enjoyed our spa more than we do now. Thank you Waters Choice!
Brian & Candis of Idaho Falls, Idaho