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Waters Choice Spa Treatment (2 oz.concentrate)


Waters Choice enzymes will turn your spa care from confusion to simple overnight. You will no longer need countless bottles of chemicals to maintain your spa/hot tub, saving you time and money.

When first starting with our enzymes, simply balance your pH and Alkalinity, add granular chlorine, add 1 capful of the Waters Choice 2 oz enzyme concentrate 2 weeks in a row, and then 1 capful every other week thereafter. This 2 oz bottle is a 6 month supply.

A typical chemically maintained spa/hot tub should have the water changed out every 3-4 months.  However, with Waters Choice all-natural enzymes you will only need to drain and refill your spa water once per year, saving you even more time and money.

With Waters Choice:

  • Pumps, heaters, and jets will last longer
  • Filters won’t get clogged
  • Pillows and covers will not deteriorate as fast
  • No more chemical odor to breathe
  • Your skin and hair will stay soft, smooth, and shiny
  • The surface of your spa will stay squeaky clean
  • Your bathing suit (if you use one) will last much longer

Find out more about how to get started with Waters Choice Spa Treatment.


With Waters Choice enzymes you will not have dried out hair, irritated skin, or develop rashes, etc.  Enjoy the benefits of your hot tub without confusing, expensive, and time consuming water maintenance.  Switch to Waters Choice enzyme treatments and be amazed at the ease and power of enzymes!


Concentrated 2 ounce size bottle

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