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Swim Spa Care

Swim spas are becoming more and more popular, but taking care of them can be confusing. As a swimming pool hot tub combination it is hard to know what kind of maintenance routine and products to use. Waters Choice has the solution. Our swim spa enzyme treatment is similar to our regular spa treatment, but a stronger, more concentrated formula to deal with the larger amount of water your swim spa contains. Also, you don’t have to drain your water and start over when you begin using Waters Choice, but do make sure the water is less than a year old and is clear and balanced before you begin our treatment.

Maintenance is simple. One capful of our 2-ounce treatment every two weeks keeps your spa water clean and happy. Your skin will feel wonderfully soft and be left with no chemical smell. Our excellent blend of enzymes is great for skin sensitive to harsh chemicals; without the abundance of chemicals, your spa water won’t cause skin irritations.  Because a swim spa is like a pool we need to add a minimal level of chlorine.

To start using our Swim Spa Enzyme Treatment, follow these instructions:

Each country and state has different rules and regulations regarding the sanitizer levels required. Make sure you check with your local pool or spa care professionals for the rules in your area.

How do you start?

With or without changing your water:

  1. Insure that your water is clear and the alkalinity and PH are balanced. Adjust your PH level between 7.2 and 7.6 Let the sanitizer level in your swim spa drop below one part per million
  2. Depending on the size of your spa, add 2-3 bottles of our Water Polish Treatment. For spas 1500 gallons or less, add two bottles of Water Polish; for spas ver 1500 gallons, add three bottles of Water Polish.
  3. After one month, switch to the super-concentrated Swim Spa Treatment and add one capful every other week. Maintain your spa water at a PH level between 7.2 and 7.6.
  4. Make sure to keep minimal level of chlorine in the swim spa.

Filter Maintenance
Clean your filter(s) every week for the first month, every other week for the second month, and once your water is staying clear and balanced, clean your filters monthly.  If your filter does not come back to the original white color after rinsing, soak it in a water and bleach or water and vinegar solution for one hour, then rinse. If your filter still will not come clean, you may not be using enough pressure, or it may be time for a new filter.
It is a good idea to get a spare filter – you can replace the filter with the spare, clean the current filter, and give it time to dry before using it again.
We recommend you change your water at least once every two to three years, or as needed.

“I used to be a pool manager and used to have to dump chemicals in pools just to keep them pristine and clean. I discovered natural enzymes and I have been an enzyme fan ever since. My [swim spa] is always clean and crystal clear, and all I have to do is add a little bit of enzymes every 10 days or so and it keeps it clean and clear, and there’s no chemical smell, no chlorine smell, no bromine smell…all my family and friends love it.”

DeeDee - Boise, Idaho