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"I use Waters Choice and I love, love, love it!  I don't use any other chemcials and my water is clear, clean, and easily maintained.  I have a 1300 gallon swim spa and use one tiny capful twice a month.  This is chemicals."  D - Idaho


A new customer said,  "A friend of ours could not say enough good things about Waters Choice, so we decided to try it for ourselves!"

Thank you!  We love our customers!  We appreciate the referral!


"I have been servicing pools for most of my life and have been in business for myself in the pool industry for 25 years.  I recently began using your (Waters Choice) enzyme products.  I service high use pools in Southern California where temperatures have been in the 80's or 90's.  With your products added as recommeded, I have been maintaining my chlorine at .02-.06 with perfect water clarity and absolutely no algae formation.  I recommend Waters Choice products to my colleagues and employees.  This is the "Silver Bullet" for chlorine reduction and algae prevention.  Thanks again!  -  Mitchell, Enright Pool Service


"Tom Vaughan is exemplary in his business.  He has serviced our spa hot tubs through the years traveling all the way to Stanley.  He introduced us, through his Waters Choice, to the enzyme method for water purification.  He truly cares about his customers and his business. I recommend Tom Vaughan and Waters Choice to anyone with a hot tub.

Thanks Tom for all your knowledge and work."  - Selma, Idaho


"Just wanted to share how much I like Waters Choice.  My spa stays crystal clear and no nasty chlorine/chemical odor.  Simple, simple, simple to use!  I use the monthly treatment.  That's it.  Great results!"  -  Donna


"We love our Spa. We have had a Hot Tub (Spa) now for over 10 years. The best time to use the Spa is November through March. Being from Boston's North Shore area, we have had many a winter with several feet of snow, making it somewhat of a challenge to even get to the Spa.

About 2 years ago, my Hot Tub salesman (Dennis Glade) told me about Waters Choice. I must admit, I was hesitant at first, but based on the testimonies and the recommendation from Dennis, I decided to make the change from chlorine to Waters Choice. At first, I didn't grasp the process and I was continually trying to maintain the chlorine level. But with the great support/knowledge from Tom (Waters Choice), I finally got it. I must say, it's been over a year and a half now and my Spa has never been this clear and maintenance free. I set a reminder on my smart phone for every 2 weeks to add a cap full of Waters Choice and that's it. Once in a while, I may add a teaspoon of chlorine when I check the PH and Alkalinity.

Waters Choice has made owning and maintaining a Spa effortless. My wife and I, along with our friends can relax, have a glass of wine and enjoy our Spa while we dig out of the New England winters." -  Joe & Cheryl - MA


"Retirement's not easy on the old body. I'm sore from playing golf and then keeping up with the inside house cleaning and outside yard or snow shoveling. Swinging and bending aren't as easy as when I was a young buckaroo. But about 6:00 pm most fall and winter days I can look forward to fixing a favorite libation (I have many) and easing the old bones into my clean 103 degree hot tub. And I didn't have to do any back breaking work to keep it clean, thanks to Waters Choice.
Is it close to 6:00 pm yet?" - John H,  New Jersey


"I've had two back surgeries, a shoulder surgery, a knee surgery, and a hand surgery.  I still like to play golf two or three times per week.  I could not do it if it weren't for our hot tub where I loosen up with weightless, warming, bi-lateral exercise each morning and evening.  The reduced maintenance required with Waters Choice enzymes makes all this much more pleasurable! My favorite tubbing is with my 5 year old granddaughter, her mermaid, and Sammy the Turtle." - Howard W., Missouri