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Water Problems

Many people say it is impossible to have bathers in a pool, spa or hot tub and keep the water clean without adding chemicals.

In the past, people used heavy doses of chemicals to keep swimming water clean and free of bacteria. Almost daily work was required to balance and maintain the water, which would end up smelling like bromine or chlorine.

Shock treatments were necessary, usually weekly. Bromine and Chlorine tablets and pucks would dissolve quickly and often cause skin and eye irritation as well as discomfort.

If the cumbersome maintenance schedule was neglected, even for a short time, skin rashes, irritation and other health related issues could occur as bacteria were allowed to multiply unchecked.

With Waters Choice, you put a single dose of enzyme treatment in the water and then follow up in two weeks with a second dose as per manufacturer’s directions. Enzyme water treatment is pH neutral - so although you still need to check and maintain the water pH, you won't have to do it as often. Water lasts longer –without the unpleasant odours. Your pool/spa equipment works better and lasts longer with properly maintained water as well.

So many of the common water problems could be avoided by adding Waters Choice:

  • Strong water odor
  • Water turning foamy
  • Water turning cloudy
  • Water turning color with algae, mold or other microorganisms
  • Water feeling ‘slimy’
  • Eye watering chemical fumes

Improper water maintenance can lead to a buildup of bacteria, germs and odors. Results can be skin rashes, irritated skin and eyes, sore throat, discolored/dry hair, bacterial infections and more. Proper water care and maintenance is crucial for your health and the health of your pool/spa equipment. Improper water chemistry can lead to costly repairs.

Some of the most common problems are clogged filters; heater failure, circulation pump failure; flow or pressure switch problems; pump seal leaks; tripped GFCI breakers and burned circuit boards.

Maintaining proper water chemistry not only makes for safer, more pleasant bathing sessions, but saves wear and tear on your hot tub.

Waters Choice makes water maintenance easy! Choose Waters Choice for your family and your peace of mind.

"We do like the chemical free experience and are slowly figuring it out. Thanks for your interest and the excellent customer service."

Michael E.