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Why Waters Choice

Many people say it is impossible to have bathers in a pool, spa or hot tub and keep the water clean without adding chemicals.  Traditionally, people have used heavy doses of chemicals to keep swimming water clean and free of bacteria.

Almost daily work was required to balance and maintain the water, which would end up smelling like bromine or chlorine. Shock treatments were necessary, usually weekly. Bromine and Chlorine tablets and pucks would dissolve quickly and often cause skin and eye irritation as well as discomfort. 

If the cumbersome maintenance schedule was neglected, even for a short time, skin rashes and other health related issues could occur as bacteria were allowed to multiply unchecked.

With Waters Choice, you put one a single dose of enzyme treatment in the water and then follow up in two weeks with a second dose as per manufacturer’s directions.

Enzyme water treatment is pH neutral - so although you still need to check and maintain the water pH, you won't have to do it as often. Water lasts longer –without the unpleasant odours. Your pool/spa equipment works better and lasts longer with properly maintained water as well.

There are many reasons why you should consider switching your pool or spa from chemicals to all natural enzymes.
The reasons are simple: time, money and health.

Saves Time
In today’s fast paced world, there is barely enough time to fit in work, family, exercise, chores, etc. Having to check your pool and spa water several times a week to keep it in balance can be time consuming, but if left unchecked –can lead to more problems and maintenance. With Waters Choice you'll cut your water maintenance to twice a month, while keeping your water cleaner. You can reduce the need to refill your spa from every 3 months to as long as once a year.

Saves Money
You will not have to invest in all the products for shocking, foam, up, down and multiple others to maintain your spa water. You will greatly reduce the amount you spend on treating your water and your equipment will perform better and require less repairs and maintenance since your water will not be clogging or corroding it. Treating your swimming pool will be less expensive than ever. Depending on the size of your pool the savings can be huge.

Better Health
While time and money are important, nothing is more important than your health. Sitting in a spa or swimming in a pool where we can smell the chemicals is counterproductive to the healthy act of swimming.

Think of both the short and long term effects of breathing in chemicals, having them cover, and often dry out, our skin; burn our eyes, and make our hair dry, discolored and frizzy.

These chemicals are also harsh on the environment when we empty spa or pool water onto the ground or into sewers.

Think of how many pools and spas there are in North America alone, and the effect all that chemical infused water can have on our soil and water systems.

Money, time, and health are very big motivators for change. Everyone has their reasons for switching to Waters Choice, what will yours be?

"I purchased my spa from Tom and Deb and at the time of purchase explained that I had a sensitivity to chlorine and had always been hesitant about having a spa because of it. Tom explained to me about Waters Choice and how it works and I've been using it since day one and couldn't be happier with the results. The water is always clean, even with heavy use. Waters Choice is an excellent product and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to reduce the use of chemicals for their spa or pool."
David, Hood River, OR