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Welcome to Waters Choice Spa & Pool Treatment

Welcome to the world of non toxic, non chemical water treatment – now available for home delivery!

Enjoy Waters Choice water treatment for your pool or spa. This safe, non-toxic alternative pool and spa treatment uses natural enzymes. Imagine - no more chlorine smell or dry skin from your hot tub or pool!

Waters Choice chemical-free pool and spa treatment helps keep your swimming pool and spa water sparkling clean.

We have been selling enzymes for water treatment for over 17 years, and yes, it is possible to have perfect water that will not irritate your skin or weaken the equipment in your pool or spa without harmful chemicals...

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Back to Nature - Waters Choice

Reasons to use Waters Choice are:

  • Save time and money on water maintenance
  • Less maintenance to keep water clean
  • Less need to treat dirty water
  • Use fewer chemicals – eliminate burning red eyes and strong odours
  • Safe for hair – no unintended color changes
  • Soft on skin
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Friendlier on pool/spa equipment

Shop our online store and get Waters Choice brand enzyme water treatment for your pool or spa today. We now ship internationally! We also offer aromatherapy that blends seamlessly with our enzyme treatment. Contact Waters Choice with any questions or to purchase our products as a dealer or in bulk.