Don't Let Your Spa Be A Breeding Ground for "GUNK"

Don't Let Your Spa Be A Breeding Ground for "GUNK"

Spa plumbing is the perfect breeding ground for many different types of "gunk". No matter which system you run to keep your spa water clean, over time a buildup will develop in the pipes. (...and quite honestly as crazy as it sounds, sometimes when a spa is brand new, it needs to be Clean & Drained)

Build-Up Grows Over Time

As this buildup grows in your spa's plumbing, it takes more chemicals and precious time to keep your water balanced. The longer this buildup is allowed to grow the harder it will be to get your water balanced and it'll take more work to get rid of the problem.

So, keep in mind that when you purge your spa with Waters Choice Clean & Drain, it leaves your spa plumbing lines cleaner and your spa water easier to maintain. 

How To Use Waters Choice Clean & Drain?

Add entire tube of Clean & Drain to the filter area of your hot tub with the filters removed. Run your spa on high for 1 hour. Then begin to drain your hot tub, wiping down the sides with a wet rag. Use a hose to flush out the jets as it drains and then again when it is almost empty.

Refill with fresh water (it's best if you use a PRE-FILTER), balance your water, add your enzymes and you are ready to start your regular maintenance routine.

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