Waters Choice in Boise Idaho Testimonials

What Waters Choice Customers are Saying

Crystal Clear Water

Had a repair tech fix our hot tub that we purchased somewhere else as they were an authorized service for them. After repairing we were talking about how crazy it is trying to get the chemicals regulated. Our tech recommended Waters Choice enzymes and said we’d use less chemicals and boy was he right. After we drained and refilled our tub, we added the enzymes and added the few chemicals to stabilize the water. We have only needed to add chlorine once and PH increaser once in over 3 weeks. Our water has been crystal clear every day and stabilized. That never happened before Waters Choice. The enzymes are used once a month and save a ton of money in chemicals. Thank you for the great service as well as the awesome recommendation of the Waters Choice products.

Customer - PA

Waters Choice is awesome!

I love their pool enzymes which enable me to use much fewer chemicals than I would with a traditional chemical based system.

Jennifer - ID

So Impressed with Waters Choice

I am so impressed with Water Choice customer service and the product! I just started using it on Saturday, and I am already in love! So much less work, the water smells and feels better! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this product!


The enzyme works great. Thank you.

Ken - CA

I've been using the spa treatment and love this stuff!


Can't Say Enough

Waters Choice is an awesome all organic product that introduces beneficial bacteria to your tub or pool leaving the water sparkling clear, smelling great, with a great staff who understand this process very well and have lots of patience for first time owners new to their product. I love the product and can't say enough about the staff so willing to help!!


I love this stuff

I love this stuff works great for the hot tub and I'm excited to try it in the pool. Love it and will keep using.


Amazing stuff

Stopped using chlorine based products over 2 years ago.


Good product. Good seller.

Helps my spa

Product seems to help my spa stay balanced without a lot of harsh chemicals. Very easy to use!

Worth it

I've used this product before, just ordered it from Amazon this time. No issues. Ordered it and it was delivered. It was slightly more expensive than from other sources but NO delivery issues. It was worth it to me.

Customer Service

I have had two calls from the vendor asking me if I have any issues or questions, they seem to be really customer oriented, I would recommend them to anyone with a spa!

Fast Service

Item delivered on time and as advertised.

Works Great

Product came with our hot tub. Works great. Don't plan on changing products.

Easy Maintenance

Been using this in my hot tub and maintenance has been a dream.

Swim Spa Enzymes

Been using for 4 months now, 4th bottle ordered.

No Hassle Spa Maintenance

We love Waters Choice Spa treatment. We have used it for several years after my sister recommended it. It really takes the hassle out of spa maintenance

The Perfect Addition

A perfect addition to maintaining your spa. The spa water is always in balance when I use this product once a month.

Low Maintenance

I have used this spa treatment for a couple of years--much lower maintenance than others I've used.

Best Product for Spa

Best product for spa, others don't work like this product.

Great for Newbies

I am a hot tub newbie. The product works perfectly! Doesn't need a lot of instruction or juggling pH levels. All questions were answered through email to the customer service address with spot on helpful information.

From a Pool Manager

I used to be a pool manager and used to have to dump chemicals in the pool just to keep them pristine and clean, and then I discovered natural enzymes. I have been an enzyme fan ever since. My pool is always clean and crystal clear, and all I have to do is add a little bit of enzymes every ten days or so, and it keeps it clean and clear, and there is no chemical smell, no chlorine smell, no bromine smell; everything is clean and clear and all my family and friends love it.

Dede - Boise, ID

Great Alternative to Chemicals

I just want to let everyone know how pleased I am with this product, Waters Choice. I have been using it for over a year now, and our tub has been crystal clean. It's great knowing there's no chemicals in there; it uses enzymes to clean up the oils and any other bad stuff that might be floating in your tub. It's just a great alternative to the chemicals that are out there.

Chi - Ashton, ID

Feel Better

It's nice knowing that there's something natural out there. I always feel better after getting out of the hot tub than before; my skin has always felt dry and overall just ill feeling from all the harsh chemicals, but this product I don't feel that way. If anything, I feel invigorated... enzymes are so enlivening; they are so good for us.


Almost Gave Up Before Waters Choice

It's amazing to think that about a year ago we were ready to give it up because a hot tub can be such a bear to take care of. All the measuring, it seemed like whenever we were ready, it wasn't. And then a friend told me about Waters Choice. It seemed too good to be true, but we gave it a try, put in a capful, and then it has been clear sailing ever since. I work a very physical job and when I come home at two o'clock in the morning and ease into the hot tub, all the aches and pains, cares and worries just disappear. That is the time that I raise a toast to my friend who told me about Waters Choice and to the folks in Idaho who make it, because, hands down, my choice is Waters Choice.

Otis - Cape Cod, MA

We Really Love it

I have been using Waters Choice for about a year and a half. We really, really like it. It doesn't have any odor; my water never goes bad. I add one capful every two weeks is all, and I don't have to smell like chlorine when I get out. My hot tub is perfect; it is so much easier to use, and we just really love it.

Teresea - Rigby, ID

Why I Love Waters Choice

Why do I love Waters Choice? I love Waters Choice because, number one, I am the one that takes care of the hot tub, and I love not having to put in all the chemicals on a weekly basis. The other thing I love is that our grandchildren can go in and there are no harsh chemicals that irritate their skin, there's no chlorine. I love how smooth and soft it makes your skin. The thing I love the best is that there is never a residue around the hot tub like there used to be, and the water is just very soft and nice to get into. That's why I love Waters Choice! We have had Waters Choice for about a year now, and actually I am just about halfway through my second bottle and ready to purchase another one. We highly recommend Waters Choice.

Customer from the Spring Fair

Off the Harsh Chemicals

I've been using Waters Choice for approximately two seasons now. My customers love it. The hot tub situation--they are pretty much off the harsh chemicals. They love the way the water feels; they love not using harsh chemicals. The customers that have pools love it because they're not having the opening and closing chemicals; they're using less chlorine throughout the season. For me as a service provider, it's easy to sell I just tell my customers how great it works and what they can do with it. They have seen the changes in their pool. I had one customer that had stains at their drains, and that was the first thing they noticed. They were there one year and when I opened it again the next year they noticed that the stains were gone. The product does do what they say it does, and I will continue using it, my customers are buying it and I'm sure they're going to continue using it. It is a great product.

Allen - Redding, PA

The Water Sparkles

Last year my brother Alex and I started a pool cleaning business. Using Waters Choice pool enzymes makes our jobs much easier, and our customers love the results they get. When we get to a pool, we know that the water is going to work great and not take much to balance. Our filters are easier to clean and do not need cleaned as often. Our customers love how soft the water feels and no chemical smell in the water, and everyone comments on how the water sparkles.

Josh - Boise,ID

Aromatherapy Salts

We've been much happier with the Waters Choice scents--a lot better than other companies out there. I actually use it in my own tub. It actually lasts a long time and you use very little of it, compared to some of the other companies I've used where you have to put in half the bottle to get a smell, and it goes away really quick. Certainly try out Waters Choice.


Save Money/Less Chemicals

We have been using this product for at least two seasons. Our customers absolutely love it; they love that they can save money because they are using less chemicals, less chlorine. They don't have the harsh smell from the chlorine. They definitely like that it's better for your skin. They like the fact that it's better on their pumps and their jets and their heaters, so they don't have to replace their parts as much. Our customers keep coming back and telling us they love this product and the health benefits, just the fact that it's healthier for their bodies because it's a more natural product; it's safer and for their children and that's a huge thing for familes. We have been really impresssed with the product. Our customers love it, and we will continue to use it. Our hot tub customers love the aromatherapy spa salts in the wintertime and throughout the year, so we have been really impressed with all these products, and we definitely will continue to use them.

Angie K Pool and Spa Service

Great product! Highly recommend it!

A. H.

Best Treatment on the Market

Waters Choice, I have found, is the best enzyme treatment on the market, by far, for the consumer or the professional. I truly mean that.


Excellent Results

We use many of your products and love the excellent results and ease of use. Please keep these great products coming!

Debbie S

Simple and Soothing

Waters Choice is not only the simplest system I've used, but also the most soothing. Since my tap water is balanced right out of the faucet, I simply dump in 1 bottle of Pure Enzymes the first of each month and 1 scoop of Sanitizer after each time I use it. I check my water balance once in awhile AND THATS IT! My skin is never itchy. My asthma doesn't react. It is wonderful. Thank you Waters Choice you are my choice!

Sue M.

Impressive Customer Service

I am so impressed with Waters Choice customer service and the product! I just started using it on Saturday, and I am already in love! So much less work, the water smells and feels better! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this product!

Deb F

Water is Crystal Clear

Thank you so much for helping me with my spa problems. I have never been able to get the water to clear up using (other product). We used to always drain the spa and start over. Since switching to Waters Choice, my water is crystal clear.

R - Kamloops, BC

Silver Bullet for Chlorine Reduction

I have been servicing pools for most of my life and have been in business for myself in the pool industry for 25 years.  I recently began using your (Waters Choice) enzyme products. I service high use pools in Southern California where temperatures have been in the 80's or 90's. With your products added as recommended, I have been maintaining my chlorine at .02-.06 with perfect water clarity and absolutely no algae formation.  I recommend Waters Choice products to my colleagues and employees. This is the "Silver Bullet" for chlorine reduction and algae prevention. Thanks again!

Mitchell, Enright Pool Service

Love, Love, Love It!

I use Waters Choice and I love, love, love it! I don't use any other chemicals and my water is clear, clean, and easily maintained. I have a 1300 gallon swim spa and use one tiny cap-ful twice a month. This is amazing...no chemicals.

D - Idaho

Can't Say Enough Good Things

A new customer said, "A friend of ours could not say enough good things about Waters Choice, so we decided to try it for ourselves! I have been servicing pools for most of my life and have been in business for myself in the pool industry for 25 years. I recently began using your (Waters Choice) enzyme products. I service high use pools in Southern California where temperatures have been in the 80's or 90's. With your products added as recommended, I have been maintaining my chlorine at .02-.06 with perfect water clarity and absolutely no algae formation. I recommend Waters Choice products to my colleagues and employees. This is the "Silver Bullet" for chlorine reduction and algae prevention. Thanks again!"

Mitchell, Enright Pool Service


Tom Vaughan is exemplary in his business. He has serviced our spa hot tubs through the years traveling all the way to Stanley. He introduced us, through his Waters Choice, to the enzyme method for water purification. He truly cares about his customers and his business. I recommend Tom Vaughan and Waters Choice to anyone with a hot tub. Thanks Tom for all your knowledge and work.

Selma, Idaho

Great Results

Just wanted to share how much I like Waters Choice. My spa stays crystal clear and no nasty chlorine/chemical odor. Simple, simple, simple to use! I use the monthly treatment. That's it. Great results!


We Love Our Spa

We love our Spa. We have had a Hot Tub (Spa) now for over 10 years. The best time to use the Spa is November through March. Being from Boston's North Shore area, we have had many a winter with several feet of snow, making it somewhat of a challenge to even get to the Spa. About 2 years ago, my Hot Tub salesman (Dennis Glade) told me about Waters Choice. I must admit, I was hesitant at first, but based on the testimonies and the recommendation from Dennis, I decided to make the change from chlorine to Waters Choice. At first, I didn't grasp the process and I was continually trying to maintain the chlorine level. But with the great support/knowledge from Tom (Waters Choice), I finally got it. I must say, it's been over a year and a half now and my Spa has never been this clear and maintenance free. I set a reminder on my smart phone for every 2 weeks to add a cap full of Waters Choice and that's it. Once in a while, I may add a teaspoon of chlorine when I check the pH and Alkalinity. Waters Choice has made owning and maintaining a spa effortless. My wife and I, along with our friends, can relax, have a glass of wine, and enjoy our spa while we dig out of the New England winters.

Joe & Cheryl - MA

No Back Breaking Work

Retirement's not easy on the old body. I'm sore from playing golf and then keeping up with the inside house cleaning and outside yard or snow shoveling. Swinging and bending aren't as easy as when I was a young buckaroo. But about 6:00 pm most fall and winter days I can look forward to fixing a favorite libation (I have many) and easing the old bones into my clean 103 degree hot tub. And I didn't have to do any back breaking work to keep it clean, thanks to Waters Choice. Is it close to 6:00 pm yet?

John H, New Jersey

More Active Because of My Hot Tub

I've had two back surgeries, a shoulder surgery, a knee surgery, and a hand surgery. I still like to play golf two or three times per week. I could not do it if it weren't for our hot tub where I loosen up with weightless, warming, bi-lateral exercise each morning and evening. The reduced maintenance required with Waters Choice enzymes makes all this much more pleasurable! My favorite tubbing is with my 5 year old granddaughter, her mermaid, and Sammy the Turtle.

Howard W., Missouri