Why Enzymes

Why Enzymes from Waters Choice

Why Waters Choice Enzymes?

The Natural, Powerful, and Healthy Way to Clean Your Pool & Spa Water

Enzymes help preserve the chlorine or bromine, for actual sanitizing, so that less chemicals have to be added. The chemical savings are real, but the greater benefits are more efficient sanitation and a better hot tub or pool experience. Expect extraordinary results and get the secret to crystal clear water with Waters Choice enzymes.


What Are Enzymes?

Most enzymes are proteins that catalyze or cause a reaction. Enzymes are very specific and can only do the job they are designed to do. Hot tub and pool enzymes are designed to target non-living organic matter like sunscreen, sweat and urine, that, whether we like it or not, are present in hot tub and pool water and break them up into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are then easier for sanitizing chemicals like chlorine or bromine to break down and remove. The best analogy I have read is, "Enzymes are like robots on an assembly line. They do one job over and over and do it well.”. Enzymes speed up normal reactions by about a million times and a typical enzyme will do its job about 1,000 times a second. Just like enzymes in your body, the right mix of enzymes with the right strength can make your pool and spa water healthier.

“Oh, my goodness this stuff works! We love your product.” -Joe F.

Why Should You Use Enzymes?

Why Should you Use Enzymes from Water's Choice?

Adding enzymes to your water is like taking vitamins to boost your immune system. With enzymes in the water, a healthy living environment is established allowing you to use less chemicals. Many of the chemicals we use in pools and spas are harsh and cause our skin and hair to dry out, our eyes to burn, and give off strong odors. When we add enzymes, eliminate some chemicals, and cut back on others, these problems go away, and many positive things happen. For example, filters are easier to clean, tile lines and filters do not need to be cleaned as often, and your water becomes softer. In addition, your hair will not turn green and your equipment will last longer. Your water will not need to be changed as often either.

A case has been made for why enzymes, when used as part of a maintenance program, can improve spa water quality and the bather experience. Organic waste products will be eliminated more efficiently, more chlorine or bromine will be kept available for actual sanitation work. Less chlorine or bromine will be required to maintain any given level, the odors associated with combined chlorine formation will be reduced and super-chlorination treatments will be required less often.

“Been using Waters Choice enzyme treatment on my new replacement hot tub for two years now. Water is always ready to enjoy. Thank you.” -Roger

Why Waters Choice Enzymes?


Waters Choice Enzymes use a minimalist approach to pool or spa water care. We want you to have the purest water possible with the fewest chemicals possible.

Not All Enzymes Are Alike.

We know you could choose from a variety of spa and pool enzyme products in the market. The actual product cost varies considerably, as not all enzymes are the same, in terms of formulation, concentration and effectiveness. Waters Choice gives you the strongest, most concentrated, enzyme on the market today. Follow our recommended dosages for optimum performance. We work hard to answer any and all questions in a timely manner.

Choosing a brand with a tested and proven track record, such as Waters Choice, will give you peace of mind. With 20 years of developing enzymes, our formulas have been proven -try them today!

“I have been using Water’s Choice for about six years and am very satisfied with them. They contact me about new bottles of enzymes when I run low and the enzymes are low maintenance and they work well. Highly recommended.” -Stanley G.