Frustrated Over Unbalanced Spa Water ... Let Waters Choice Help

Frustrated Over Unbalanced Spa Water ... Let Waters Choice Help

Are you having issues with your spa water's alkalinity levels not being quite right and aren't sure what to do? Are you having problems with low or high alkalinity levels in your spa water leaving it more susceptible to pH fluctuations? As a matter of fact and according to Josh Vaughan at Waters Choice, water that's out of balance will make your spa water cloudy along with many other issues. Let's fix that!

Frequent Water Balance Problems and How to Solve Them

The following list are different chemical imbalance issues that happen frequently and how to solve them:

  • If pH and Alkalinity are high use pH Down 
  • If pH is LOW and Alkalinity is HIGH simply drop your water's pH to 6.5 and turn on your spa jets. While allowing jets to run your water's alkalinity will decrease because of the lowered pH. Running your jets will bring your pH back up.
  • If pH is LOW and Alkalinity is LOW use pH Up to bring both levels up.
  • If pH is HIGH and Alkalinity is LOW, then drop your water's pH level to 6.5 ... once pH has dropped, then you'll begin to add small increments of pH Increaser. This will bring both your pH and Alkalinity up to it's normal level.

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