Fall is Our Favorite Time Of Year to Drain Our Hot Tub

Fall is Our Favorite Time Of Year to Drain Our Hot Tub


As you can tell, Fall is one of our favorite times of the year.  Besides watching the sun set, what else is everyone’s favorite thing to do, especially with their hot tub in the Fall? (Some may disagree and say it’s their LEAST favorite thing to do …) CHANGING THE WATER in your hot tub! 

Waters Choice recommends only changing the water in your hot tub once a year. This is tremendously GREAT NEWS because when on a traditional chemical water maintenance routine, you must drain your hot tub water every 3 months or possibly more often depending on what we call “bather load” or how many times it’s being used in those few months.

Quick List When Draining Your Hot Tub

And ... it’s a good idea to drain your hot tub right before it’s time to add Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Spas as not to waste any enzymes

So, here’s a quick list of what to do when you’re ready to drain your hot tub:

Before draining, add Waters Choice Clean & Drain to clean out your plumbing lines. Organic waste in the plumbing lines make it hard to balance your water, makes it difficult to keep the water clear and clean and don’t forget, it’s harder to sanitize your hot tub water when biofilm is present.

  1. Remove your filter and squeeze an entire tube of Clean & Drain into the filter area. 
  2. Run your hot tub for at least one hour with jets on high speed. As a reminder, you’ll most likely have to turn jets on again after about 20 minutes or so until 1 hour is complete.
  3. Now drain your hot tub water and as it drains, WIPE DOWN THE SPA.  Do NOT let the GUNK dry on the surface of your hot tub, it’s very difficult to get off after it dries. (Believe us, we’ve been there.)
  4. It’s a good idea to flush the lines with a hose as you drain the old water from them.
  5. Now, re-fill your hot tub with fresh water. While re-filling, thoroughly clean your filter by soaking in a bleach/water or vinegar/water solution.  Check your filter to make sure it’s in good condition as it may be time to replace it.
  6. Place your clean hot tub filter back into your hot tub.
  7. Test your water and adjust the pH and alkalinity if needed. After water is balanced and clear, add one bottle of Waters Choice Pure Enzymes Monthly application OR one capful of Waters Choice Enzyme Concentrate treatment.

Now you’re ready to go! Your hot tub will function better and you'll have fewer water issues now that it’s been purged.

It may seem like a lot of work initially but it’s very much worth the trouble. You can look forward to another great year relaxing and soaking in your hot tub as well as precious family time together.

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