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1 Gallon Startup + Metal Remover

1 Gallon Startup + Metal Remover

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Why do you need Startup + Metal Remover?

Startup+ Metal Remover is essential for addressing metals or scaling in your pool water. Common metals found in pool water include copper, iron, nickel, silicon, or manganese. These metals, if left untreated, can lead to problems like staining, scaling, and the formation of a scum line in your pool. Startup+ Metal Remover is like a protective shield for your pool, helping to prevent and address these issues by chelating with the metals and sequestering calcium. Using this product is a key step in maintaining the clarity, appearance, and overall health of your pool water.

Safe to use with all sanitizers.

What is EDTA?

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, also known as EDTA, serves as the main solution in our Startup+ Metal Remover. This FDA-approved chemical, widely used in hospitals for treating patients with lead and heavy metal poisoning, is a trusted foundation for our product. Utilizing EDTA as our base solution is a proven method to effectively remove metals from your pool water.

Phosphate Free

Our Startup+ Metal Remover is a phosphate-free sequestering agent. Unlike many other products on the market, our solution is intentionally formulated without phosphates, as we strive to keep this substance out of your water. This ensures effective metal removal without introducing phosphates into your pool, promoting a cleaner and healthier swimming environment.


Start up:
At the start of the swimming season, before higher levels of chlorine are added, add 32 oz. per 15,000 gallons directly into the pool.

Weekly Maintenance:
5 oz. per 15,000 gallons

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