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12 oz Filter Cleaner

12 oz Filter Cleaner

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Make cleaning your dirty filter easy with Waters Choice Filter Cleaner. Our non-toxic, all-natural formula ensures effortless filter maintenance, promoting improved water circulation by deep cleaning your filter.

How often should I be cleaning my filter?

When starting with Waters Choice Enzymes, follow this filter cleaning schedule:

  • Weekly application for the first month
  • Bi-weekly application for the following two months
  • Monthly application thereafter, as long as you continue using Waters Choice Enzymes.

Extend the Lifespan

Waters Choice Filter Cleaner extends the lifespan of your filter by addressing a common issue – the breakdown of filter fibers due to constant water pressure from hose nozzles. Traditional cleaning methods involve frequent and time-consuming spraying, contributing to premature wear and tear. Our Filter Cleaner eliminates this hassle by efficiently removing grime and dirt from the pleats, reducing the need for extensive spraying. This results in a longer-lasting filter and less maintenance time for you.

For optimal results and to extend the lifespan of your filter, use Waters Choice Filter Cleaner every time you clean your filter.


Our simple instructions are to:

1. Hose filter to get larger debris and first layer off.
2. Spray filter thoroughly with Waters Choice Filter Cleaner making sure all fabric portions are well coated.
3. Let stand for 5 minutes.
4. Hose filter pleats again to rinse remaining debris and other matter released by the cleaner.
5. Return filter and resume use.


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