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Clean & Drain - Spa Purge

Clean & Drain - Spa Purge

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What is Clean & Drain Spa Purge?

Clean & Drain is a spa purge product. When it's time to clean and drain your spa, the best thing you can do is run Clean & Drain through your spa's plumbing. This ensures that you will be starting over with fresh, clean water. It's almost like having a brand-new tub.

Traditional chemical systems require you to drain your spa two to four times a year. However, a spa treated with Waters Choice enzymes only needs to be cleaned and drained 1x per year.

It Is Literally The Best

We've spent years doing our research to bring this product to you! We tested and tested again other purge products against this one. We tried to find something that could out-perform it, but there wasn't one. This is the best spa purge on the market! It's the strongest, fastest, and easiest to use.

What if My Water Still Looks Great When it's Time to Drain?

We frequently hear the question, "Should I still drain my spa, even if the water looks great?" The answer is simple - stop water problems before they start.  Use Clean & Drain every time you drain your spa to ensure crystal clear water every time. At Waters Choice, we care about you and want you to have the best spa experience.


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Easy Instructions

When it is time to clean and drain your spa, add Waters Choice Clean & Drain purge product to your spa before draining.

Start with your water up to temperature. The warmer the better.

Remove the filter from the filter well and let it float in the seating area of the spa. This way, your filter will also get a deep clean. (Important note - your filter might need to be held under the water to ensure that it sinks and does not float on the surface. You don't want it to sit on top and not rotate around.)

Squeeze the entire tube of Clean & Drain into the filter area. Run spa for at least one hour with jets on high speed.

If you have diverter valves, turn them all the way one way for a cycle, then all the other way for the next cycle, then center them for the final cycle.

If you have an air blower, turn it on and off several times to allow the Clean & Drain to get into the plumbing. Give it enough time between on/off to allow lines to purge water and refill.

As the Clean & Drain does its job, you will see all kinds of gunk around the top that has come out of the lines.

The spa water will get very foamy. The foam could get very high, but doesn't usually overflow. However, if the foam does go over the sides, hose down immediately so that it doesn't dry on the housing.

When you are finished purging your spa and ready to drain, use a rag dipped in the existing spa water to wipe down the spa as it is draining. Do not let any gunk dry on the sides of the spa or the cleanup will be very difficult. After the spa has been drained, get a garden hose with a nozzle and hold up to all the jets and flush the lines with fresh water to get any dirty/soapy water out.

Refill with fresh water. Do not use irrigation water.

If your spa has not been purged for a long time, or ever, you may need to purge your spa twice to get the gunk out.

For the best results and the easiest water to take care of, use Clean & Drain every time you drain your spa.

NOTE: If you have a jetted bathtub, Clean & Drain will clean those lines as well. Follow the directions above, but use 1/3 to 1/2 of the tube depending on the number of jets and the amount of time since the last purge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Barbara McMahon
clean and drain

Definitely helps to clean out the plumbing of your spa. I thought just running the jets before I drained the hot tub cleaned the plumbing. But than when I put this product in I was very surprised at the addition junk that it got out of the plumbing. It's important to do this so that after you put fresh water in and turn on the jets the junk still let in the plumbing does not come out into the water or into the new filters. Just changing the water is not enough.

Spa purge

Works great!

Gregory Goodrich
Clean & Drain

Been using Waters Choice products for 6 years now and clean and drain our tub once a year using this product. This stuff works great and like all their products we have used it rates 5 Stars.

Chris Mandeville
The best way to treat your hot tub!

We have had a hot tub for over 2 years now in Portland, OR. We started out using the Leisure Time products recommended by the hot tub retailer. This included chlorine, spa up, spa down, shock, calcium and occasional use of a defoaming product. We had to use a lot of chemicals to keep the water balanced and clean.
Our hot tub dealer mentioned Waters Choice as an alternative that used a natural enzyme and would require less chemicals. We slowly transitioned over, and now have been on Waters Choice for over a year now. It is nearly impossible to review these products individually since they are part of a water maintenance system. Thus, I am really reviewing this product the Water Choice system of which this product is a part. This product really DOES get the gunk out. You can see it in the water so you can tell it is really working. And it does make a difference in the water when you start with clean plumbing.
1. We definitely use less chemicals and save money. Usually, we need to add a little bit of chlorine every few uses. Sometimes we need a little spa down to decrease the PH. We add a capful of the enzyme every 2 weeks and our water stays really nice! No more shock, calcium or defoamer products needed.
2. We only have to change the water every 6 months to 9 months. Our water would not stay nice as long with the old products.
3. This is definitively subjective, but the water just FEELS cleaner and nicer. It does not get the odor is would occasionally get using the old products.
1. I feel their instructions could be a little more clear and consistent. For example, they could consistently provide measurements in terms of capfuls instead of ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc. It is a lot easier for most of us to measure out 1/4 or 1/3 capful rather than 2 oz or 2 tablespoons.

Give it a try for yourself!