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16 oz Pool Enzyme Concentrate

16 oz Pool Enzyme Concentrate

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Switching Over to Waters Choice Enzymes

If you are switching over to Waters Choice enzymes from a chlorine or bromine based system, make sure your water is clean/clear, that your CYA level is below 80, then simply let your chlorine/bromine level come down to 0 before introducing our enzymes.

If you are switching over from or are still using a Salt Generator, simply turn you generator down to the lowest setting.  Your plates and equipment will last longer using Waters Choice enzymes.

What is the 16 oz. Pool Enzyme Concentrate?

The 16 oz. Pool Enzyme Concentrate is a weekly pool treatment that treats a 10k gallon pool for 1 season. Enzymes treat pool water filled with organics like sunscreen, sweat, urine, and debris from plants and trees. These organics puts a high demand on chlorine, which means you must increasingly use more. Waters Choice Pool Enzymes will break down the organics in your water, freeing up the chlorine to do what it does best. This allows you to use less chlorine which is so much better for you and your pool.

All You Need

Start with clean filters.  Then add 2 oz. per 10k gallons 2 weeks in a row to start.  In addition, balance pH (7.2 - 7.8) & alkalinity (80 - 120)  and maintain .5 -1 ppm chlorine.  After the first 2 weeks, add .5 oz. per 10k gallons every week until ready to close.  When ready to close, add 2 oz. per 10k gallons 2 weeks in a row, then close.  No other closing chemicals needed.  (Make sure your water is clear)

If your pool is more than 10,000 gallons, check out our 32 oz. Pool Enzyme Concentrate, which treats a 20k gallon pool for 1 season or Pure Enzymes for Pools, our Once-a-Month application which treats up to 25k gallons of water.  We even have a gallon size Enzyme Concentrate for bigger pools.

Maintaining your pool with Waters Choice Enzymes enables you to eliminate opening & closing chemicals (chlorine, shock, and metal sequestering agents), shock, all while reducing chlorine use.

We highly recommend testing for phosphates in spring, summer and fall in order to get ahead of potential algae bloom.

Additional Benefits

Our enzymes are scientifically formulated to combat organics in your pool water without the harsh chemicals, eliminating scum rings and enabling filters, equipment and swim suits to last longer.

Enzymes can withstand large bather loads and recover quickly.  They are all natural and safe for your eyes, hair, skin, pets and the environment.

How Many Gallons is My Pool?

See charts below to determine how many gallons of water are in your pool.

12' x 21'
15' x 30'
15' x 33'
18' x 36'
21' x 41'


What Do I need and Why?

Pool Enzymes - This does most of the work keeping pool water pristine

pH Increaser/Sodium Bicarbonate/Soda Ash - This product raises the pH

pH Decreaser/Muriatic Acid - This product lowers the pH

Sanitizer/Chlorine/Bromine - Assists in keeping your water clean

Test Strips - An easy way to check where your levels are at



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Easy Instructions

-Start with clean/clear water. Enzymes will not clear up dirty or green water.
-Add 2 oz. per 10k gallons 2 weeks in a row to open/start up.
-Check & balance pH & alkalinity. Use Muriatic Acid to lower pH & Soda Ash to raise pH.
-Maintain .5 -1 ppm chlorine. This usually looks like: adding 2-3 high quality chlorine pucks to chlorine feeder & set to the lowest setting.
-After initial 2 weeks, add .5 oz per 10k gallons every week throughout the season.
-Check pool for phosphates in the spring, mid-summer, and in the fall before closing. If you have a reading over 200 ppb, add a phosphate remover according to directions.

When ready to close your pool, make sure water is clean & clear, add 2 oz. per 10k gallons 2 weeks in a row, then close & cover. Your water will be crystal clear in the spring. Repeat pool opening/starting steps.
No other opening or closing chemicals are necessary. No shock needed. Keep filter clean.

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