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Waters Choice 3047 Filter

Waters Choice 3047 Filter

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Pleated filters are designed to be cleaned regularly and last about a year. Our filters are made of a heavier filter media for improved filtration and longer life.

Clean your filters weekly for the first 6 weeks with our products then twice a month after that. Use a garden hose with a good nozzle.

It is a good practice to have a spare on hand and rotate filters. Do not let a filter dry dirty.

The WC3047 is a 25-sq. ft. filter.

This, and the WC3049 (a 50 sq. ft. filter) are the most common filters used in most spas including, but not limited to, those listed below.  Please check your end caps and dimensions to make sure this is the correct filter that you need.

In addition to this 25 sq. ft. filter and the 50 sq. fit. filter, we also carry a disposable filter with the same dimensions.

The 50-sq.ft. filter will last longer than this 25 sq. ft. filter and the disposable filter lasts 3 months without needing to be cleaned.

These filters fit, but are not limited to, the following spas -

American Spas, Apollo Spas, Arctic Spas, Beachcomber, Bullfrog Spas, Cal Spas, Coast Spas, Divine Spas, Jacuzzi Spa Division, Pentair Pool Products, Stong Spas, Sundance Spas.



Diameter:  4-15/16"

Length:  13-5/16"

Top Cap:  Open, 2-1/8" - inner diameter

Bottom Cap:  Open, 2-1/8" - inner diameter

Please measure your old filter to ensure you are getting the correct replacement filter.

This filter replaces the following: Unicel C4625, Pleatco Prb25-in-4, Filbur Fc2370

  • Model: WC3047
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  • Distributed by: Waters Choice, Inc.


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