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pH Up 2 lbs

pH Up 2 lbs

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This product raises the pH. If the pH of your Spa/Hot tub is low (below 7.2), the water will be acidic. Discomfort from skin and eye irritation could develop. This condition also causes chlorine to become unstable, and therefore less effective in killing bacteria, algae, and in disintegrating organic matter.

Directions for Use: Spas/Hot Tubs (One capful holds approximately 1 oz.)

The recommended range is 7.2 – 7.6

Test water daily for pH and bromine/chlorine.

Add 1 oz. of pH Up per 250 gallons of water, if testing shows pH is low. pH Up is readily soluble in water. It may be broadcast on the spa/hot tub surface. It requires one hour to determine if pH is within recommended range. Repeat if necessary. The spa/hot tub may be used immediately following treatment.

Now in a larger, more cost effective size!  Raises the pH of the spa water in a convenient 2 lbs size.

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  • Distributed by: Waters Choice, Inc.


Easy Instructions

Use a test strip to check the pH & alkalinity.

If pH is high, add 1 capful of pH Down.

Let circulate for 1 hour, then retest. Adjust accordingly.

If pH is LOW, add 1 capful of pH Up.</li>

Let circulate for 1 hour, then retest. Adjust accordingly.

If you over-shoot the proper range, just leave it alone. It will come back to normal on its own, given a little time.

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