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2 oz. Hot Tub Enzyme Concentrate (6 month supply)

2 oz. Hot Tub Enzyme Concentrate (6 month supply)

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Switching Over to Waters Choice Enzymes

If you are switching over to Waters Choice enzymes from a chlorine or bromine based system, make sure your water is clean/clear, less than 60 days old and then simply let your chlorine/bromine level come down to 1ppm or less before introducing our enzymes.

If you are switching over from or are still using a Salt Generator, simply turn you generator down to the lowest setting or you may stop using it altogether.  Your plates and equipment will last longer, when using Waters Choice enzymes.

What is the 2 oz. Spa Enzyme Concentrate?

The 2 oz. Spa Enzyme Concentrate is a bi-weekly (every other week) spa treatment for up to 500 gallons. Enzymes treat spa water filled with organics like sunscreen, sweat, urine, and debris from plants and trees. These organics put a high demand on chlorine, which means you must increasingly use more. Waters Choice Spa Enzymes will break down the organics in your water, freeing up the chlorine to do what it does best. This allows you to use less chlorine, which is so much better for you and your spa.

All You Need

For best results, start with 1 full bottle of the 12 oz. Pure Enzymes for Spas.  After 1 month, you can continue to use the monthly application of Pure Enzymes for Spas or switch to the 2 oz. Spa Enzyme Concentrate and add 1 cap full every other week. 

Start with clean filters.  Then add 1 (12oz.) bottle, balance pH (7.2 - 7.8) & alkalinity (80 - 120)  and maintain .5 -1 ppm chlorine.  After the first month, add one cap full of the 2 oz. Spa Enzyme Concentrate.  This little bottle treats up to 500 gallons for 6 months.  This application is great for any spa, including built-ins and inflatables.

If your spa is less than 500 gallons, we still recommend using the full amount of enzymes. This is because there are typically the same about of bathers using a smaller tub as there are a larger tub, but with a smaller amount of water, resulting in more concentrated amounts of organics.

If your spa is more than 500 gallons or if you have a lot of bathers, you will need to add more Spa Enzyme.

If your hot tub holds more than 500 gallons, we recommend the following -

  1. Add 1 cap full every 10 days instead of every 14.

However, if you have a Swim Spa (usually 1000 gallons and up), then you need to use the Swim Spa Enzymes, which are specifically formulated for the nuances of a swim spa.

Cleaning and Draining

Maintaining your spa with Waters Choice Enzymes enables you to go a full year before you need to clean and drain your spa. Traditional chemical systems require you to clean and drain every 3 months. The difference is that enzymes break down and "eat up" organics, thus removing them from the water. Chlorine/bromine systems sanitize the organics, but do not remove them, causing a build up of organic sludge in the pipes that must be purged from your plumbing.  Chemicals also build up in your spa water and must be removed by dumping the water periodically. 

When it is time to clean and drain your spa, we highly recommend using Clean & Drain to purge your plumbing before you drain.  Purging with Clean & Drain will ensure that you are starting over the cleanest spa possible, eliminating previous issues that may have caused water clarity issues as well as curbing any potential start-up problems.

Note about Phosphates

If your water ever gets a tint of green, we highly recommend testing for phosphates which will cause algae bloom. If your phosphate level is 200 ppb or more, you will need to add a phosphate remover.

Additional Benefits

Our enzymes are scientifically formulated to combat organics in your spa water without the harsh chemicals, eliminating scum rings and enabling filters, equipment and swim suits to last longer.

Enzymes can withstand large bather loads and recover quickly.  They are all natural and safe for your eyes, hair, skin, pets and the environment.

No shock, clarifier, metal-remover, scale preventer, or any other harsh chemicals needed. 

Important Difference in Spa Enzyme Products

Please note that the 2 oz. Spa Enzyme Concentrate and the 12 oz. Pure Enzymes for Spas can be used interchangeably, but are not used together at the same time.



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Easy Instructions

-Start with clean water that is less than 60 days old or purge with Clean & Drain and refill with clean water.
-urn spa on and set filtration to a minimum of 8 hours/day, (first 6 weeks).
-Set heat to desired temperature.
-Check pH and alkalinity and adjust if needed. Add 1 capful of pH product, wait one hour, then retest and add more accordingly. pH should be between 7.2 & 7.8.
-When spa is up to temperature check pH and alkalinity again and adjust if needed. (Check frequently for the first month, until pH stays stabile, then check once a week).
-Add one 12 oz. bottle of Waters Choice PURE ENZYMES for Spas. This is a one time, first month only treatment.

-Add Waters Choice Sanitizer. Follow recommended label rates. (We recommend 2 tsp. every other use.)</li>
-Clean filters once a week for the first 6 weeks! After that, clean every other week.
-After the first month, switch to the 2 oz. blue bottle of Waters Choice Spa Treatment (enzyme concentrate) and ADD 1 CAPFUL EVERY OTHER WEEK from then on – even after a drain and refill. That’s it! This enzyme treatment is doing most of the work keeping your spa clean. Make sure to add it consistently per directions!
-Use your new spa.
-Note: Most spas develop cloudy water during the first month. This is normal. Add 2 tsp. Sanitizer every other time you use the spa until clear.
-Important: adding more chlorine will clear up the cloudiness, but we really want the cloudy phase to run its course. This should clear up in about 4 weeks. You are ok to use your hot tub during that phase.
-If at any time you have questions about your water care, please contact or text us through our chat bubble in the lower left hand corner.

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